Journey of IIC

New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore is one of India’s intellectually vibrant campuses and has the best intellectual and physical infrastructure facilities for pre incubation and incubation support. NHCE IIC has participated in various forum like SIH, KAPILA, NISP, NIPAM, YUKTI, Mentor – Mentee scheme 2021-22. Faculties and students have the pleasant environment for working with IIC and R & D team to achieve the greater heights in the coming years.

Dr. Manjunatha

Principal/IIC Chairman

Dr.Agalya V

IIC President

Dr.A.Sujin Jose


Dr. Piyush Kumar Soni

Head-NHCIIE, NISP & YUKTI Coordinator

IIC Coordinators

Innovation Activity / ATL Coordinator

Mr Ajay Bale
ECE Department

IPR Activity Coordinator

Prof.Neethu Tressa
MCA Department

Social Media Coordinator

Dr. R Mohan Das
EEE Department

Internship Activity Coordinator

Dr. Ashok K
CSE Department

Startup Activity Coordinator

Prof. Saumi Roy
MBA Department

IIC Coordinators

Dr.Nirmala M

CSE Department

Dr K.Gopal

ME Department

Dr.Ramachandra Naik

AS Department

Dr. M S Raghu

AS Department

Dr.Madhumohana Raju A B

AS Department

Prof. Neetu

ISE Department

Prof. Chandhan Raj

CE Department

Dr. Joshua Daniel Raj

CSE(DS) Department